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  • Freelance WordPress developer (Remote)

    WP Snippets

    $35k - $50k

    Posted on April 27, 2023

    $35k - $50k

    Location: Remote

    About us

    WP Snippets is a WordPress code snippet library and WordPress development blog. We are working 100% remotely and are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Behind the scenes we help a variety of clients to create amazing WordPress websites.

    What you will be doing (you can choose!)

    • Building WordPress themes and plugins
    • Translating visual designs to functional websites using code
    • Developing and optimising internal workflows if you feel things can be done more efficitiently
    • Also possible: Projectmanagement and client account management
    • Also possible: Work with AI to develop new SEO tools

    Who we are looking for

    • Somebody who can (and likes to) work remotely. You are completely free to define your own work hours.
    • Somebody who likes to work with WordPress to build cool websites from scratch
    • Somebody who can speak English or Dutch fluently
    • Somebody who knows HTML, JS, CSS, PHP and can teach us about cool new libraries :-)

    What we can offer

    • A salary of $35k - $50k, depending on experience
    • A very flexible work environment, you can define your own work hours completely